Timber Boards are confirmed

To start a business in the building of Longboards is not a wise financial choice. But then again, to acquire riches and get all the bitches was never the (main) goal of Timber Boards. Being longboarders ourselves we experienced the hype first hand. Different disciplines took hold of the community. Now see, The Netherlands is as flat as the chest of a male balerina so Downhill was a somewhat illogical choice to start off from. Our passion was freestyle, flat-ground skating. The unique style that longboard freestyle put forth showed great potential for growth. Big companies made some boards that catered the growing need, but in our opinion they were too expensive and lacked massively in durabilty. We destroyed them within a month, and then this can be an expensive hobby.

To get the community to grow in both numbers and skill they are going to need products they can trust and ride harder and longer. Tim and I (Berry) took it upon us to create this relatively inexpensive, practical and durable deck to make the step towards the ‘next level’ in longboarding available to the masses. In turn advancing the young longboard sport and creating a board that people need to buy, but also want to buy. For themselves, AND the community.